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meet christina bowen: sageland's generator

Christina Bowen generates solutions that increase the agility and effectiveness of an organization.  Whether you are a busy consultant needing help getting a project out the door, part of the overtaxed staff of a large organization, or just looking for an innovative perspective on tackling wicked problems, she can help! Always looking for strategic connections and efficiencies, she adds a valuable perspective - and invaluable energy - to many projects. Reach out if you'd like to learn more.

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At Sageland Consulting, we have a talent for seeing how to add value to a business with existing or easily modified resources. We'd love to help you find your hidden assets! We consider each project from a multiple stakeholder perspective, focusing on creating 'generative solutions'. This means we seek solutions that create value not only in economic terms, but for place and people as well. Along with specific project support, Sageland Consulting offers unique possibilities for integrating business and community needs. Whether you need immediate, ground-level help on a project, or a high-level perspective and analysis, we're excited work with you.

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Come explore our own knowledge ecosystem!

Christina is a co-founder of the Digital Life Collective, an innovative international cooperative exploring the tech and social processes that foster trust and human capacities. We explore a wide variety of problems, have spaces where ideas are sparked and connections found, as well as project teams and events. You are invited to join us in this collaborative experiment.

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